Aging + Communication + Technologies (ACT)

is a research lab that addresses the transformation of the experiences of aging with the proliferation of new forms of mediated communications in networked societies. We are based at Concordia University and rooted in the Montreal community. We consider how ‘digital ageism’ – the individual and systemic biases that create forms of inclusion and exclusion that are age-related – operates in subtle ways. Through our work we are creating intergenerational connections, rethinking new media from the perspective of old age and confronting digital ageism.

Sandra’s Keys: An Escape Room on Elder Abuse

Sandra’s Keys is an escape room on older adult mistreatment that was co-designed by researchers, community partners, and professionals in the field of social gerontology to raise public awareness of senior mistreatment.

Reading, Virtually-Speaking: Older Adults in Long-term Care

Reading, Virtually-Speaking: Older Adults in Long-term Care is a collaborative research project with the Montreal literacy organization RECLAIM. The project’s goal is to use collected data on older adults’ reading preferences so that RECLAIM can produce digital-audio versions of reading materials for seniors living in long-term care facilities. This initiative is one of RECLAIM’s suite of projects under the title “Read to me… virtually”, which aims to furnish the reading materials available to older adults in a format and way that are appropriate and contribute to enhancing the quality of life for this population.

Featured projects

B/OLD: Let’s age together

B/OLD: Let’s age together

B/OLD: Let’s Age Together

Featured publications

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Aging in Data Postdoctoral Fellowship

Nicole Haring in visit at the ACT Lab!

Interview by Colleen Mc Cool with Nicole Hearing.

Frontline Faces of Covid-19, A New Project By Julia Henderson

ACT Post-Doc Researcher Julia Henderson’s new project aims to humanize frontline workers.
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From project to lab

Founded nine years ago, The Aging + Communications + Technologies Project was focused on community partnership and participatory action research that looked into how aging and technology interact. Now, with new funding, ACT has shifted to a lab model but will still focus on many of the same overarching research goals, now with the space for more extensive longitudinal studies. You can learn about the ACT Project’s past projects here.

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